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Effective Hashrate Of Filecoin's Entire Network Marks 1.37 EiB

According to data from filfox.info, as of 05:00 UTC on December 14, the effective hashrate of Filecoin's entire network now marks 1.37 EiB. The FIL production in the last 24 hours reads 218,510 FIL, and the amount of pledge collateral is 22,931,952 FIL. The 24-hour average mining profitability marks 0.1539 FIL/TiB, and the basic rate of Filecoin Gas is 2.24 nanoFIL.

Pantera Capital Opposes Compound’s 32 Governance Proposal

A governance vote on the Compound Finance DeFi platform regarding compensation for users that lost finds through DAI liquidations is just hours away from conclusion with votes against dominating. The thirty-second governance proposal would distribute COMP tokens to offset losses incurred by liquidated DAI stablecoin positions. As it stands, a majority vote of 76% is currently against the proposal with around six hours remaining. Pantera Capital voted against this proposal and shared its reasoning on Twitter. “Financial markets are more prone to hidden tail risks when participants deploy instruments with high leverage or for uses far from their intended purpose. Such risks are difficult to measure, which leads to scenarios where returns are attractive and too low at the same time. As a Compound user (note: not farmer or private investor), we're responsible for knowing the potential risks involved in using the protocol, including faulty oracle feeds and illiquid markets. Compensating users encourages looser risk-taking when efforts are still underway to measure and mitigate such risks. It also undermines the ability to properly assess risk vs. reward in Compound markets by artificially deflating perceived risk. Open protocols can aspire to be trustworthy, but they're permissionless by design. Usage will inevitably go "out of bounds," despite disclaimers or risk parameters. Compensating users when known risks materialize is unsustainable in the long term. We're supportive of solutions that are sustainable and healthy for the protocol, including: protocol insurance funds, with explicitly-stated intent and sources (e.g., market reserves), multi-oracle designs, and removal of "safe max" language in Compound UI.”

Cardano Token Locking Protocol ‘Allegra’ To Take Place On Dec. 16

IOHK, the dev team of Cardano, officially announces that the Cardano protocol has been successfully changed to introduce the token locking mechanism, which is due to take effect on 16 December, at the boundary of epoch 236 at 21:54:44 UTC. As they elaborate, 'Allegra,' the codename of this protocol upgrade, will deliver token locking to the platform, and is also a core building block of both Voltaire governance and Goguen smart contract functionality.

Dash Thailand Partners With Blockchain Arm Of Chulalongkorn University

Dash Thailand is partnering with CU Blockchain Society, the blockchain arm under the CU Innovation Hub of the Chulalongkorn University - one of Thailand's top leading Universities. This partnership is created to drive Blockchain education, Crypto payments & much more in Thailand.

Bitmain Launches International Version Of AntSentry

Cryptocurrency mining rig maker Bitmain announced to roll out the international version of AntSentry, a cloud operation and maintenance management system. The Chinese version of this system was launched earlier this year. The system provides comprehensive management support services such as real-time monitoring of miners, batch operations, automatic operation and maintenance, profit analysis, safety assurance, and digital operations. AntSentry supports almost all mainstream mining machines, such as Antminer, WhatsMiner, AvalonMiner, etc., and is compatible with mainstream mining pools such as AntPool, Huobi Pool, and F2Pool.

Brave iOS Users Will Now Have To Give Up On BAT Rewards

Brave browser has for long promised to provide its users with faster browsing, privacy, and rewards, unlike many other browsers. However, Brave iOS users will now have to say goodbye to the rewards feature of the browser. According to a recent announcement, Brave will be making some changes to its latest version being released for iOS to comply with Apple’s App Store rules. The new version, 1.22, will restrict iPhone and iPad users from earning rewards for browsing, while also cutting out tip creators. Brave had previously introduced a model that incentivized high-quality content, one which used to reward users to browse and can also be given to preferred content creators. However, with the release of iOS 14, Apple deemed Brave’s rewards system non-compliant with its store guidelines 3.1.1 and 3.2.2.

Quantstamp Auditing Zora

Quantstamp tweeted to state that they're currently auditing Zora. Zora is increasing liquidity for limited-edition goods and putting control back in the hands of creators and communities.

Huobi Global Will Support THETA Mainnet Upgrade

According to THETA Official Plan, the THETA mainnet will be upgraded at block height of 841427. Huobi Global will support the upgrade and suspend THETA deposits and withdrawals at 14:00 on December 10, 2020 (UTC), which will be resumed upon completion of the upgrade.

IOTA Forms Partnership With Climate Action Company To Trial Sustainability Solutions

IOTA has partnered with ClimateCHECK to implement its protocol for climate sustainability solutions. The two entities are launching a pilot program for the flagship product, DigitalMRV.

Binance Liquidates Over $44 Million In Cryptos In Past Hour

According to JGZ.com, in the last hour, $13.68 million in cryptos was liquidated on OKEx; Huobi Global liquidated $20.12 million in cryptos; Binance liquidated over 44.51 million in cryptos; BitMEX liquidated $11.43 million worth of BTC perpetual contracts.
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