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Cover Protocol To Adjust Filing Fee From 10 To 50 DAI

Cover Protocol announced that the claim filed on December 5 for BadgerDAO has been declined by the Cover Protocol community. The filing fee of 10 Dai has been sent to treasury. "To prevent false/spam claims, we will be adjusting the filing fee from 10 to 50 Dai (refunded if claim is validated)," it added.

Filecoin (FIL) Is Launching On Coinbase Pro

Coinbase published a post to announce that starting December 7, users can transfer FIL into Coinbase Pro account ahead of trading. Its support for FIL will be available in all Coinbase's supported jurisdictions. Trading will begin on or after 05:00 UTC on Wednesday, December 9, if liquidity conditions are met. Once sufficient supply of FIL is established on the platform, trading on the platform's FIL-USD, FIL-BTC, FIL-EUR and FIL-GBP order books will launch in three phases, post-only, limit-only and full trading.

OKEx Will Support XYM Airdrop For XEM Holders

OKEx will support Symbol (XYM) airdrop for XEM (NEM) holders. XEM deposits and withdrawals will be suspended at 08:00 on January 14, 2021 (UTC). The trading function will not be affected. OKEx will take a snapshot of all XEM tokens held by OKEX users at the XEM block height of 3025200 (approximate time: 11:07 on January 14, 2021 (UTC)) to record users' XEM holdings.

Huobi Global Will Launch NSURE

Huobi Global will launch NSURE (SKALE) in Inno Hub on December 8th, 2020 and start series of listing NSURE activities. The holding limit of a single project of each account is 50,000 USDT equivalents of tokens, and there is no holding limit for API trading, insiders and above (Huobi VIP). The details are listed below: 1. Open NSURE deposits at 06:00 on December 8th (UTC); 2. Open NSURE trading (NSURE/USDT、NSURE/BTC、NSURE/ETH) at 09:00 on December 8th (UTC); 3. Open NSURE withdrawals at 06:00 on December 9th (UTC).

Digital Currency Scammers Turn To Dating Apps To Fleece Unsuspecting Victims

Financial regulators in Belgium have identified the rise of a new kind of digital currency dating scam, warning individuals to exercise caution on platforms like Tinder. The Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) recently published a warning detailing the rise of cryptocurrency frauds on Tinder, which have seen victims lose out financially in their pursuit for love.

Total Market Cap Of Uniswap Tokens Marks $1.67 Bln

Uniswap, an intelligent trading platform, currently has total liquidity of about $1.67 billion (-0.59%) of tokens with a 24h trading volume of about $287 million (-19.15%). The top three gainers are KIMCHI (+84.18%), RFI (+60.94%), and AXN (+42.63%), and the top three losers are KIF (-28.98%), DRC (-24.77%), and BASE (-24.52%).

yearn.finance Founder: 4 New Releases Under Audit

yearn.finance founder Andre Cronje tweeted to state that there are four new releases under audit, including Pickle (DILL boosts), Cream (v2 protocol lending), and Cover (v1.1 perps), with the fourth release undisclosed. "Waiting for the feedback loop is painful. Feels like 'wasted' time, you can't start on new work, and you can't release yet. Very annoying 'limbo' state," he said.

OKEx To Suspend Deposit And Withdrawal Of THETA

In order to support the hard fork of THETA at block height 8411427 (estimated at 8:00 Dec 10, 2020 UTC), the deposit and withdrawal of THETA will be suspended on OKEx from 2:00 Dec 10, 2020 (UTC) until the hard fork is complete.

SBI Holdings Partners With SDX To Establish A Joint Venture

According to official sources, Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings announced today (December 8) that its wholly-owned subsidiary SBI Digital Asset Holdings will cooperate with the digital asset exchange SDX under the Swiss stock exchange operator SIX to establish a joint venture company to provide institutional investors with services such as issuance, trading, custody of digital assets. The newly established joint venture company aims to meet the needs of institutional investors for digital assets (such as digital securities and crypto assets). It's reported that the joint venture company plans to start operations in 2021 and provide services in 2022.

Power Substation Burns Out As Abkhazia Bitcoin Mining Woes Worsen

Abkhazia’s crypto mining-related mayhem is hitting melting point – literally – with a power substation overheating and finally burning with legit and illegal miners alike refusing to slow down their efforts. As previously reported, anarchic scenes have become commonplace in the de facto South Caucasus state, with the parliamentary speaker recounting the tale of a group of villagers who took the law into their own hands, turfing out miners. Blackouts and brownouts have brought entire communities to a standstill amid falling temperatures.
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