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EIP-1559 Won't Lower High Ethereum Fees On Its Own - Professor

Among several of the recently much-discussed Ethereum (ETH)-related events is the arrival of a particular Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) that should help lower fees - but high fees are a scalability, not a mechanism issue, argues an expert. EIP-1559 is expected to bring automatic token burn mechanism for each transaction and an improved fee market, and has been highly anticipated within the ETH community and the Cryptoverse in general. "No transaction fee mechanism, EIP-1559 or otherwise, is likely to substantially decrease average transaction fees; persistently high transaction fees is a scalability problem, not a mechanism design problem," wrote Tim Roughgarden, an American computer scientist and a Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University.

Market Maker GSR Rolls Out DOT OTC Options

According to Odaily, GSR, the global provider in crypto trading and market-making, recently launched DOT over-the-counter (OTC) options products, aiming to provide structured products for DOT holding institutions and high-net-worth individuals to hedge risks and enhance returns. It is reported that the first block option transaction has been completed.

yearn.finance Partners With SushiSwap

yearn.finance founder Andre Cronje tweeted to unveil the partnership with SushiSwap. Two parties will merge development resources and launch Deriswap, a decentralized aggregate exchange.

Exit Scam: GOLD Issuer Transfers Users' Assets

On December 1, industry insiders told CoinNess.com that the GOLD project issuer tampered with the contract to transfer users' assets privately. After extracting more than 100 million GOLD tokens, the project issuer separated themselves from the project by slashing 90% of token price. It's reported that GOLD was once the number one project on TRON, and this incident involved more than 60,000 users.

FCA Warns Britons Over Cryptocurrency Broker Markets Pilot

The UK's Financial Conduct Authority said in a brief statement Monday that local investors should use extreme caution when dealing with unauthorized firms known to have been soliciting customers in the UK jurisdiction. The regulator specifically pointed out that one of the brokers highlighted in the latest flurry, Markets Pilot, is offering cryptocurrency-related services to British residents without being authorised to do so. Markets Pilot is posing as an authorised company and claims to be a trading name of Click World Ltd, Cnr Old and Church Street. Additionally, the company is targeting UK investors with a full range of offshore investment services, including cryptocurrencies.

Huobi Global Opens The Deposits And Withdrawals Of BCV New Token

Citing an announcement by Huobi Global, the BCV (BitCapitalVendor) chain swap has been completed, and Huobi Global has now opened the deposits and withdrawals of BCV new token (mainnet) and no longer supports the deposits and withdrawals of BCV old token (ERC20).

Nouriel Roubini: Law Enforcement Authorities May Crack Down On Tether In Due Time

Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Tether and Bitfinex, tweeted on November 27 that the total market cap of USDT has topped $19 billion. Notorious Bitcoin hater Nouriel Roubini reposted the tweet and commented, "The unbacked Tether printing machine keeps on cranking fake money and use it to prop up BTC and all sorts of Shitcoins. Luckily law enforcement authorities are investigating...so expect in due time a crackdown as the one on BitMex."

Polkadot Security Audits Carried Out By Atredis, Says Web3 Foundation

Web3 Foundation delivered a post to announce that the security audit was carried out by Atredis Partners. "We engaged Atredis to perform a security assessment of the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the Polkadot Runtime and the security and reliability of Polkadot validators," it illustrated.

Autonomous Organization NEST CLUB Established

NEST CLUB, an autonomous organization jointly initiated by a number of decentralized oracle network NEST Protocol senior consensus builders and NEST ecosystem quotation miners, was formally established. NEST CLUB aims to promote the development and application of QP Token (quotation certificate) in the NEST ecosystem, and activate more native assets on the chain through the NEST Protocol. The NEST CLUB community encourages every token asset on Ethereum to open a price oracle on the NEST Protocol to generate on-chain prices and prepare for entry into the DeFi world.

WePiggy Plans To Launch HUSD, UNI, And QUSD Mining Pools

WePiggy, the DeFi underlying asset lending market protocol, has ended the public voting on the WIP1 proposal, and QUSD, HUSD and UNI are eligible for the final token listing. The WePiggy core development team stated that the deployment of the above three mining pools has been completed. According to the Timelock rules, the new mining pools will be officially launched on December 3.
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