Headquartered in Hong Kong, ICoinTime (www.icointime.com) has the lead in digital media of crypto assets and blockchain community. Now our web offers several versions in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

The company boosts various data, high qualified news and professional real-time industry analysis of digital currency. In the spirit of craftsmanship, the platform uses big data technology to data processing in a multidimensional and multilevel manner. In this way, the most valuable information can be obtained by users.

Our Thoughts
As the latest technology of fintech, blockchain is the key to pushing the world into innovation. ICoinTime boasts numerous data of digital currency and qualified cryptocurrency trading platform. It, as a brand new technology, integrates with other emerging technologies to upgrade and innovate the internet industry, which will lead us to a better world.

Against this backdrop, ICointime will establish an ecosystem including a variety of cryptocurrencies and blockchains in order to make our users more accessible to crypto industry. Aiming at helping users fully understand blockchain and make correct investment decisions, there are a lot of industry information and indepth analysis covering all platforms, industries and different perspectives in ICoinTime. Therefore, ICoinTime is a must-viewed website for who are in crypto and blockchain industry. We believe blockchain would change the world, in that course we proactively play the part in blockchain community.