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CoinNess Market Surveillance Jan. 21: BTC Slides To $34000 Level

As of 3:00 (UTC) on January 21, the global price index of Bitcoin (BTC) has slid to the $34,000 level. At present, the coin marks $34,668.26 with a decrease of 4.48% in the past 24 hours.The CoinNess.com Bullish vs. Bearish Indicator shows our four-hour technical bias on BTC is "Strong Sell" with 12 indicators sending out selling signals, five showing neutral signals, and one indicating a buying signal. The broad market is trading in a downtrend, with 23 out of Top 100 cryptos by market cap rising.The global market cap reads $995.48 million, and the 24-hour trading volume is $150.80 billion. Major Coins 1. BTC quotes show 34,725.08 USDT on Binance, $34,796.00 on Bitfinex, $34,747.65 on Coinbase Pro and 34,718.68 USDT on Boboo.com; 2. CoinNess.com Market Index presents quotes for major cryptocurrencies besides BTC as following: ETH marks $1,334.15 (-4.54%); XRP marks $0.3170 (-1.45%); BCH marks $487.75 (-5.34%); LTC marks $144.98 (-5.98%); EOS marks $273 (-2.56%); ETC marks $7.77 (-2.12%). Top 3 Gainers and Losers in Cryptocurrencies 1. Top 3 gainers among Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap: HBAR (+42.43%), CRV (+14.27%), and VET (+13.53%); 2. Top 3 losers among Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap: NXM (-13.59%), AMPL (-11.82%), and LRC (-9.20%). Cap Flows of Coins/Exchanges 1. Top 3 capital inflows within the last 24 hours: BTC (+$657.88 mln), ETH (+$639.86 mln), and BCH (+$98.43 mln);2. Top 3 capital outflows within the last 24 hours: XLM (-$17.24 mln), USDC (-$12.23 mln), and ADA (-$12.13 mln);3. Net inflows/outflows of exchanges: Binance (-$273.12 mln), Bitfinex (-$109.39 mln), and Coinbase Pro (-$14.71 mln).

Former Ripple Board Member Tapped To Lead Biden’s OCC: WSJ

Michael S. Barr, a former U.S. Treasury Department official and onetime member of Ripple’s board of directors, is likely to become the next Comptroller of the Currency, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, January 20.Barr will succeed Brian Brooks, the former Coinbase executive who served as Acting Comptroller for the last half of 2020. Barr is currently a dean at the University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy. The news comes days after Politico first reported that Barr was under consideration, alongside law professor Mehrsa Baradaran.

Trump Pardons Ripple Board Member Ken Kurson; Ulbricht, Snowden Not On List

U.S. President Donald Trump has pardoned Ken Kurson, a former Ripple board member and the co-founder of Modern Consensus, a crypto media outlet. Kurson was one of 73 individuals who received a full pardon from Trump early Wednesday (January 20), less than 12 hours before his presidency is set to end. A further 70 individuals had their sentences commuted, but the list did not include Ross Ulbricht, the Silk Road founder who was reportedly considered for a pardon last month; Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder who helped popularize the use of Bitcoin; or Edward Snowden, who released details about a U.S. surveillance program to Wikileaks.

pWING Liquidity Mining Launched On SushiSwap

Wing Finance announced to launch pWing liquidity mining on SushiSwap. Users can get SLP tokens by staking equal amounts pWING and ETH to provide liquidity on SushiSwap. Users can then deposit these SLP tokens into a special Wing DApp to start earning pWING as early as January 25, 2021 at 00:00 UTC.

Zilswap Introduces Governance Token ZAP

In ZilSwap’s next step towards becoming a truly decentralized platform, it will be releasing $ZAP, a native governance token that transitions control of the protocol over to the community, according to an official post. The distribution of $ZAP tokens will begin on February 3, 2021 at 08:00 UTC, and its distribution mechanism is outlined by 2 key stages to users who benefit the protocol. The total supply of $ZAP tokens is 1,000,000 $ZAP.

MSI Readies Crypto Mining Specific GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards

NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 3060 Ti is soon going to get mining-specific variants by major manufacturers. MSI is one of those manufacturers as its mining GeForce RTX 30 lineup has appeared within EEC's database. MSI has been spotted submitting two brand new crypto-mining graphics cards over at EEC. These cards include the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Miner which comes in both standard & factory overclocked variants. The graphics cards are based on the GA104-200-A1 GPU which features 4864 CUDA cores and 8 GB of GDDR6 memory that runs across a 256-bit bus interface at a rated clock speed of 14.0 Gbps. The card has a rated TDP of 200W and retails for $399 US however we don't know the prices for the mining-specific variants yet.

Trustee Of Collapsed Exchange Moves QuadrigaCX To Resolve Crypto vs. Fiat Creditor Claims Tussle

Ernst and Young (EY), the bankruptcy trustee for the defunct exchange QuadrigaCX, is trying to resolve a dispute over how to value the firm’s cryptocurrency assets before disbursement to creditors. EY will head to court on Jan. 26 to argue the valuation date for cryptocurrency claims should be considered from the date of the exchange’s bankruptcy on April 15, 2019. The firm is taking a different stance from affected user, crypto startup BlockCAT, which wants the digital assets to be valued as of Feb. 5, 2019, when Quadriga received court protection to restructure under Canadian federal law.

BTC Surges by 1.09% Within 5 Mins, Marking 38,213.46 USDT

CoinNess Market Index shows that BTC surges by 1.09% within 5 minutes. BTC currently marks 38,213.46 USDT on huobi Pro.For more alerts on real-time market changes, add your portfolio at "Watch List" to enable the Intelligent Market Monitor, seizing more investment opportunities.

Tokensoft And Anchorage Create xBTC On The Stacks 2.0 Blockchain

Tokensoft, an institutional platform for securely managing digital assets and getting SEC-registered blockchain securities to market, announced a partnership with Anchorage, a qualified custodian, to develop xBTC on Stacks 2.0, a blockchain that enables apps and smart contracts on Bitcoin.Together, they will provide institutional-grade custody and programmability of new digital assets on Stacks 2.0 via Wrapped. The partnership will enable Bitcoin (BTC) to be natively wrapped on the Stacks 2.0 blockchain, an important step toward native decentralized finance (DeFi) on Bitcoin and a move that could help activate and deploy the ~$627B in largely passively held capital on the network.
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