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OKEx's Resolution Plan For COVER Incident

COVER smart contract experienced an infinite minting attack on 2020/12/28 and minted a large number of COVER token more than its circulating supply, which cause a violent fluctuation of COVER price. After attack, OKEx communicated with COVER protocol team and suspended depositing at the first time.

CTSI Reserve Mining Is Now Live

Decentralized and scalable Linux infrastructure Cartesi announced that CTSI Reserve Mining is now live on the Ethereum Mainnet, according to an official post. Current and aspiring CTSI holders are able to stake CTSI through upcoming custodial staking launch partners, or by running their own node and hiring it to work via the new Cartesi Explorer.

OKEx To Launch Real-Time Settlement Function For Contracts

OKEx will soon launch real-time settlement functions for all perpetual, futures and options contracts. The real-time settlement of ADAUSD perpetual contracts will officially start at 08:00 (UTC) on December 29, 2020.

1K BTC Mined In 2010 Transferred Today

Coinpost reported on December 28 that, according to the blockchain data monitoring robot BTCparser, at 09:00 UTC on December 27, 1,000 BTC mined in 2010 during the "Nakamoto" era were transferred. On November 7th, 1,000 BTC mined in 2010 were transferred for the first time.

Effective Hashrate Of Filecoin's Entire Network Marks 1.596 EiB

According to data from filfox.info, as of 05:00 UTC on December 28, the effective hashrate of Filecoin's entire network now marks 1.596 EiB. The FIL production in the last 24 hours reads 235,631 FIL, and the amount of pledge collateral is 25,968,180 FIL. The 24-hour average mining profitability marks 0.1422 FIL/TiB, and the basic rate of Filecoin Gas increases to 4.36 nanoFIL.

Cryptocurrency Drama, Pumping Time, Is Set To Air In May Of 2021

The world’s first cryptocurrency drama, Pumping Time, is set to air in May of 2021 and will enthusiastically explore the advantages and corporate truth of the cryptocurrency formula- detailing the most popular digital judicial currencies, the reality and significance of the various token economies around the world, and the plethora of government incentives that are likely to be behind such a revolutionary commercial move.

Iran's CB Official: Beware Of Cryptocurrency

As cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, hit record highs, the Central Bank of Iran has recommended the public to refrain from investing in the digital currency. “People must be aware of the risks associated with putting money in crypto-assets…crypto prices are highly volatile and there is simply no oversight body to control the market and investors are likely to incur huge losses,” Mohammadreza Mani Yekta, deputy head of CBI’s office for payment systems was quoted as saying by IBENA.

MicroStrategy To List 'Bitcoin Strategy'

Nasdaq-listed business intelligence company MicroStrategy will launch "Bitcoin Strategy," showing the risk-adjusted returns of currencies, indexes, metals, stocks, & bonds vs BTC.

Lock-Up Volume Of Bitcoin-Pegged Coins Reaches $3.8 Bln

As the price of Bitcoin has risen, the total lock-up volume of Bitcoin-pegged cryptocurrencies has reached $3.8 billion, creating a record high. Bitcoin-pegged cryptocurrency is a special type of token issued on a non-Bitcoin network whose price is pegged to Bitcoin. The top three Bitcoin-pegged coins currently ranked by lock-up volume are: 1. WBTC: The amount of issuance is 113,236, and the lock-up volume is $3,048,414,724; 2. renBTC: The amount of issuance is 13,724, and the lock-up volume is $367,212,317; 3. HBTC: The amount of issuance is 6,905, and the lock-up volume is $186,563,285.

Universal Protocol Introducing Bitcoin Zero (BTC0)

Universal Protocol announced the launch of its latest token, Bitcoin Zero (BTC0). Bitcoin Zero is an ERC-20 token delivering Bitcoin with net-zero emissions (carbon neutral). This is accomplished via a wrapper that combines a single Bitcoin with the retiring of 10 tonnes of CO2 from REDD+ rainforest projects certified by Verra and other international standard agencies each time a Bitcoin Zero is minted.
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