undefinedThe holiday season might be imbued with joys in Square Crypto in that the firm has awarded its fifth Bitcoin developer grant of just December. At this time, the grant went to Leon Johnson - a London-based developer of Bitcoin-related technology.

According to Johnson, the grant is for $100,000 and that it will help fuel his work on Bitcoin key management through a project named Photon. He noted, "The grant will support me as a developer over the next 12 months whilst I work on making Bitcoin key management easier and simpler, with a particular focus on demonstrating to wallet developers how to implement this new tool."

Johnson noted that he actually got involved as a developer beginning in 2018 following taking Jimmy Song's Programming Bitcoin course though he first got into Bitcoin in 2013. Since then, he established Advancing Bitcoin - a London technical conference for fellow developers.

He said, "I created this because as a new Bitcoin dev in 2018, there were no pure tech Bitcoin conferences. And we need this to accelerate our learning and build personal connections with other Bitcoin developers."

Headed by outspoken Bitcoin fan and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Square started awarding grants to open-source Bitcoin developers in September 2019 with BTCPay Server, and has steadily launched announcements across much of 2020. 

As per Square Crypto's Twitter account, "Leon will port some kind of 'KeyBackup module' from the 'react-native library' to Swift, which is a type of HTML for iPhones. Then he's gonna connect that module to various iOS APIs to enable iCloud backups."

"It also says here that he's going to write documentation to simplify how developers integrate Photon into software. All I can do is take his word here. What else? Well, he's gonna 'build a prototype to showcase how Photon works inside apps' like we all love doing," it continues. "Finally, Leon will devise a solution that implements Photon within multi-sig solutions like, uh, you know the ones."

At the beginning of this December, Square Crypto claimed a grant for nonprofit organization Brink to fund a fellowship for Gloria Zhao - a Bitcoin Core developer, in collaboration with the Human Rights Foundation.

As of December, grants have been awarded to Bitcoin developers Justin Moon and Patricia Estevão while a second annual grant has been awarded to developer ZmnSCPxj first receiving a grant from the firm in December 2019. 

Up till now, this month's five developer grants enjoys a considerable surge compared to previous months.