Beijing and Shanghai are trying to hold pilots to promote the use of the country's central bank digital currency (CBDC) in 2021.  

Chinese state media outlet Global Times released a report on Sunday, Beijing's mayor noted the capital will hasten the development of "demonstration zones" for fintech and professional services throughout 2021. 

The effort will cover promoting a pilot application for the CBDC, officially called Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP). 

Shanghai's mayor claimed a similar pledge to promote the digital currency, the report noted. 

Guangdong's governor noted, authorities aim to support Shenzhen's development as an "innovative pilot zone" for the digital yuan in the province. 

All three statements were made on Sunday.

Shenzhen has just announced to conduct its third trial of DCEP, enabling the public to get their hands on the electronic cash via lottery-like giveaways. 

The report quotes "industry observers" as noting the announcements mark a bigger push to promote the digital currency prior to a launch in the "near future."