undefinedNifty Gateway, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, hosted an auction that a single NFT artwork was sold for $777,777 following a last-second bid doubled the price. 

Nifty tweeted on Dec. 14 that the "savage" bid of $777,777 had been entered with just a single second left to go in the auction. "The Complete MF Collection" - the last artwork - was to be sold on Dec. 14. The token featured each of the collection's 20 individual digital artworks in a single NFT.

Inspired by technology, nature, and Star Wars, the artworks were created by "Beeple", an anonymous artist. 

NFT investors Tim Kang and "Metakovan" had competed fiercely for the artwork, steadily allowing the price to surge from $200,000 to $380,000 prior to Kang conducting the last-second blowout bid. 

The 20 artworks overall were auctioned for over $3.5 million, pushing the artist to tweet a video of his friends dousing him in champagne in celebration.

The winning bidder spoke highly of Beeple for the collection, highlighting the artist's "precise attention to detail across the physical and digital spectrum":

"His consistent work ethic, creative understanding & divine timing landmarked history for art & crypto and I'm just blessed to participate. My winning bid was not for him and myself only [-] I hope we were able to take [a] stand for the future of creativity, open collaboration, and self-sovereignty through digital signature."

The auction recorded a new record following the most-valuable artwork auctioned on Nifty Gateway by 1,300%. August saw Trevor Jones' NFT "Picasso's Bull" sold to Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile of the Museum of Crypto Art for $55,555.55. As previous report, Micah Johnson - former-pro baseball player turned token artist will exhibit an interactive NFT on an electronic billboard in Los Angeles this month.

At present, NFTs are involving into the digital sector and gaining more popularity than previously.